ImageCLEF 2013: Scalable Concept Image Annotation. We got the best MAP!!!

“In this task, the objective is to develop systems that can easily change or scale the list of concepts used for image annotation. In other words, the list of concepts can also be considered to be an input to the system. Thus the system when given an input image and a list of concepts, its job is to give a score to each of the concepts in the list and decide how many of them assign as annotations. To observe this scalable characteristic of the systems, the list of concepts will be different for the development and test sets”.

About 40 research groups have been registered and 13 of these submitted their results.

Few days ago the ImageCLEF organizers has posted the results for the participant’s submissions. The UNIMORE group (G. Serra, C. Grana, M. Manfredi and R. Cucchiara) got the best result in term of mAP (UNIMORE_5 run: 45.6%)!! We worked hard but we are very happy for the obtained results!! The working notes paper will soon be available.